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In the Can!

Yesterday was the big shoot, and it went incredibly well.  Our actors, Joelle Re-Arp Dunham, Brent Maddox, and Chelsea Dunham, were amazing.  Every take, every angle gave us something to use, and more than once, Joelle and Brent carried out the scene further than I had planned.  I let them go as long as they were comfortable, and a few times they did about twice the pages I asked them to do in one take.  I was blown away by their talent and ability to jump into a scene at any point I asked them to.

And my cinematographer, David Smith, was right on the money all day.  We were lucky enough to have two cameras, and David, with much help from Joshua Crisp, gave me exactly what I wanted at all times.  It took a lot of juggling, and David handled it all extremely well.

All of our crew members contributed.  No one took away; everybody added.  I probably had 7 people on the crew who are capable of leading productions of their own.

I’m gushing, but that’s the kind of day it was.  I wanted badly to start looking at footage last night, but I don’t want to tamper with the tapes at all until they are digitized and backed up.  I can’t wait.


One Response

  1. It WAS a great shoot!!! Everyone better be careful! It was such a great experience that Jeff and I can’t wait to do it again!!! Good job to all!

    While we are handing out the kudos…..a big, Big, BIG THANK YOU and (((HUGS))) goes out to Kaitlyn and Julie. Kaitlyn took such wonderful care of our little one while we were on the set. And, Julie gave up her plans for the day to give us the assist in the kitchen. Thanks again, Ladies!

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