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Left out of the stimulus bill

This blog primarily covers movies and related topics, but after reading about the stimulus bill, I felt inspired to get political just this once.

We have already bought a home, can’t afford to buy new windows or the other major appliances which would qualify for a rebate under the bill, and make just enough to pay our bills like good citizens and borrowers.

Which means we will get JACK from this bill.

This is not an argument for either party.  The former president and his hands-off free enterprise buddies bear most of the guilt for pushing us to the edge of economic collapse; the new president allowed the ruling cabal of his party to write a terrible bill.

There are sad times, folks.  Those of us who do our best to behave responsibly are going to be paying for the poor decisions of the past decade and for this stimulus for years.  Isaac and all of your children are being handed a bill for this idiocy that they will have no choice but to pay.  Worse: the whole philosophy of this bill undercuts the idea that America is a meritocracy.  It’s government saying, “You do your best, but we’ll mismanage your tax money and reward the screw ups.”  God Bless us.


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