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The Film Fix reviews IRON MAN 2


5 Responses

  1. I actually giggled when Whiplash let out his cry of rage/anguish over the loss of his father. This had nothing to do with Rourke, who did the best that could be done with what was given, but the fact that the scene allowed all of about 15 seconds to show the audience the revenge motive. Which, actually, was never very clear anyway.
    Glad you got your blockbuster fix, buddy! I did too.
    Any word if I can ever see Harry Brown here in Tucson?

    • Yeah, that revenge yell was the cheesiest. Hands down the most cliched moment. They even shot him from above and everything! Ugh. Then we go from that to Tony’s self-love fest at that tech expo – an expo that’s going to last a year?! 15 minutes in, I thought it was going to be the worst sequel in history. Then they save it. I doubt things get any smarter this week, with the 1,000th version of ROBIN HOOD hitting theatres.

      I had to look up HARRY BROWN – totally missed it. But I want to see it! Doesn’t look like it’s out on DVD yet.

    • I realized after the last post that I had no idea what I was talking about when it comes to HARRY BROWN. Looking at the release dates on imdb doesn’t clear up much, but I can infer a couple things. It went to the American Film Market last November – U.K. producers looking for a major U.S. distributor. If it had been bought by said major distributor who planned to give it a big push, by now in May we’d be hearing about it. Instead, it played (very) limited at the end of April and as far as I know, didn’t make much of a splash. I haven’t seen any coverage of its per screen average on either Variety or Hollywood Reporter. It’s possible it will play a bit wider, but I wouldn’t get my hopes up. Summer isn’t the season of small British films, as you know. The Iron Man and Robin Hood bacchanalia will push it out. Does Tucson have an art house?

  2. Art house? I’ll have to research that, I’ve only lived here for 20 years.
    Yeah, Russell Crowe as Robin Hood… my wife is excited.
    I am excited about Inception (http://www.hollywood.com/news/New_Inception_Trailer/6390490). When I learned that Memento was one of Nolan’s first films as a director, I started paying much closer attention to his career. (he may need my help, after all, with a screenplay) Then there was The Prestige (a favorite), and the Batman revivals. Children were in danger of having to find a greater comic hero for the duration of the 90’s.
    Thanks for checking on Harry Brown! I’ll have to move on to another review… perhaps babies… I wonder what the wife will think of that

  3. Well, google brought up one hit for art house in Tucson. http://www.loftcinema.com/
    I’ve been there to watch a movie years ago. They’re known for replaying The Rocky Horror Picture Show over and over. Hence my reason for not going often, though they do play a lot of other movies I’d enjoy seeing that I wouldn’t otherwise be able to see on the big screen. Hope that helps!

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