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Radio is nerve-wracking!

I taped my first-ever radio “appearance” today with my good friend Matt Socey, for his show Film Soceyology.  It airs on WFYI, the NPR station in Indianapolis, on Fridays at 5pm.

Matt is a true pro, rarely fazed and never at a loss for a quip.  We’re also old friends and usually call each other once per week to compare notes after movie screenings.  (Or in cases like this week, to groan after the screening.)  So the radio show was basically a more structured version of a phone call we have regularly.

Still, radio was surprisingly tense.  It didn’t help that we did it via phone and I couldn’t read his body language while we were taping.  One thing I noticed is that each little “um” and stutter made me cringe.  And silence is just awful.  It was like giving a speech in 10th grade again!

But despite the first-time nerves, it was a lot of fun.  Anxious to hear it.  I’ll post a link to the podcast when it’s up.


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