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We Should Be Talking About This

I’m sure Hell is going to freeze over in a moment when I agree with Bob Barr, but the former Congressman makes a valid point and backs it up with real numbers.

Forget about whether you care about privacy, whether you’re scared of Big Brother or already consider him blood kin: the overwhelming majority of research demonstrates that blanketing an entire city with CCTV cameras does not prevent or help solve crime. Let’s put it another way: spending tens of millions of dollars on a surveillance system does not produce a return on the investment.

THAT’S why we should be talking about this right now, regardless of individual stances on civil liberties or political leanings. Atlanta and many other cities are spending many millions of dollars on surveillance systems during the current budget crisis. And most of those funds come from the federal government. This is the kind of waste that should be attacked before pointing fingers at the public employees whose work actually produces results.

Check out Barr’s very common sense comments on Atlanta’s CCTV craze


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