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Hummingbird Surveillance Drone. No, really!

In a few years, it might be hard to tell whether the bird whirring around your hummingbird feeder is really a bird. It might very well be a remotely-controlled or programmed autonomous surveillance robot.

It isn’t exactly news that this technology is being developed. The trend among most surveillance technology is for it to be as unobtrusive and camouflaged as possible, and surveillance drones the size of model airplanes have been available for years–even to consumers (do a search for the AR.Drone for an example). The news is that this particular model is coming along so effectively.It looks very near ready for production to me, and the technology could be morphed into any number of natural-looking fliers.

Check out this story about it. I can’t endorse the website’s giddy tone, but it’s a tech site and they’re looking at it as really cool robot technology–which it definitely is. Anyway, they aren’t as skeptical as I. Be sure to watch both videos.



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