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A Layover in Incheon

During a recent, very brief trip to China, a colleague and I had two layovers in Incheon, one on the way there and the other on the way back. The first night, we were exhausted after a 15-hour flight, the usual airport madness, and a shuttle ride. We went out seeking a quick bite to eat, and it turns out most things in that neighborhood in Incheon close by 11:30. Luckily – and oddly – there are 3 Mini-Stops within a 4-block area. That little convenience store saved us, but my dinner that night was a Hite beer and these chips:

I think they were sweet onion? Regardless, they hit the spot. We were so tired we did no sight-seeing, and these are the only photos I took that night:

For the record, I rarely stand in the middle of the street in foreign countries to take pictures. In the morning I discovered our hotel is very serious about shower sponges.

Then off we went to China the following day. During the second layover, on the way back a couple of days later, we had more time and energy but it was 40-degrees and raining. So again, not much sight-seeing. If I’m being honest, this neighborhood in Incheon didn’t have much to offer anyway. Its entire economy is driven by airport traffic, so the only businesses are hotels, restaurants, and an amazing number of coffee houses. Sadly, though, most of those coffee shops don’t open until 9:30 AM. Strange, from an American perspective. But the city does begin to come alive around dusk, and I snapped a few more photos that night.

Our hotel was not nice at all. The best I can say about it is there was plenty of very hot water for my shower (which allowed me to feel the satisfaction with refreshing, thank goodness). Given the sad state of affairs inside the hotel, this advertisement on the outside of it seemed pretty funny.

But maybe you had to be there.


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