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Curriculum Vitae

 Address:   Media Studies Department

                  Gainesville State College

                  171 Academic Building II

                  P.O. Box 1358

                  Gainesville, GA 30503




Present Rank: Assistant Professor of Media Studies and English


Tenure Status: Non-tenured


Highest Degree: Ph.D., 2005, University of Georgia, Comparative Literature

Dissertation: Spectator – Culture – Character: A Cultural Approach to Character Engagement

Committee: Joel Black, James McGregor, Richard Neupert, Hyangsoon Yi, Karim Traore


Academic Positions:


2008-present         Program Coordinator of Media Studies


2006-present         Assistant Professor of Media Studies and English

                              Gainesville State College


2005-2006             Assistant to the Director of Franklin College Writing Intensive Program    

                              The University of Georgia


Spring 2006           Teaching Assistant, Department of Theatre and Film Studies

                              The University of Georgia


2004-2005             Writing Instructor, Franklin College Writing Intensive Program

                              The University of Georgia


Fall 2004               Teaching Assistant, Graduate School

                              The University of Georgia


2001-2004             Teaching Assistant, Comparative Literature Department

                              The University of Georgia


1999-2000             Teaching Assistant, English Department

                              The University of Georgia





Gainesville State College (2006-present):


MDST 2300, Introduction to Film

                  Spring 2007 (N=29), Spring 2008 (N=27), Summer 2008 (N=26)


MDST 2301, Film History

                  Fall 2006 (N=27), Summer 2007 (N=27), Fall 2007 (N=56), Summer 2008 (N=23)


JOUR 1000, Introduction to Mass Communication

                  Spring 2008 (N=23)


CINE 1502, Film and Culture

                  Fall 2007 (N=24)


ENGL 2302, Film and Literature

                  Spring 2007 (N=15)


ENGL 2903, Special Topics: Digital Filmmaking

                  Fall 2007 (N=11)


ENGL 1101, Composition I

Fall 2006 (N=75), Spring 2007 (N=65), Summer 2007 (N=23), Fall 2007 (N=50), Spring 2008 (N=73), Summer 2008 (N=24)


ENGL 0099, Learning Support English

                  Fall 2006 (N=25)


The University of Georgia (1999-2006):


DRAM 2120, Introduction to Cinema

                  Spring 2006 (N=39)


CMLT 4610, East Asian Literature

                  Spring 2005 (N=30)


SPCM 4800, Intercultural Communication

                  Fall 2004 (N=22)


GRSC 7770, Teaching Seminar for New Teaching Assistants

                  Fall 2004 (N=7)


CMLT 2500, Comparative Ethnic American Literature

                  Ten sections of 294 students total, taught between Fall 2001 and Spring 2004


CMLT 2400, Asian American Literature

                  Summer 2003 (N=33)


CMLT 2212, World Literature II

                  Spring 2001 (N=16)


ENGL 1102, Introduction to Literature

                  Fall 2000 (N=41)


ENGL 1102X, Introduction to Literature and Film

                  Spring 2000 (N=34)


ENGL 1101, Introduction to Composition

                  Fall 1999 (N=43)




a.   Publications


Journal Articles:

Marker, Jeff W.  “A Mediated Family is a Happy Family: J.G. Ballard’s “Intensive Care Unit,” Journal of Popular Culture (forthcoming)


Book Reviews:

Marker, Jeff W.  Review of Shakespeare on Film, ed. Robert Shaughnessy.  Shakespeare Bulletin 18.2 (2000): 44.


Works submitted but not yet accepted:

Marker, Jeff W.  (under review)  “Sociocultural Schemas and Character: Contextualized Cognition.”  Cinema Journal.


b.   Conference presentations


International conferences:

Marker, Jeff W.  (2007, March)  Character and Culture: Expanding Murray Smith’s Structure of Sympathy.  Paper to be presented at the annual meeting of the Society for Cinema and Media Studies, Chicago, IL.  (Accepted, unable to attend)


National conferences:

Marker, Jeff W.  (2003, April).  Hybridity and Identity Formation: The Aesthetics and Music of Ghost Dog.  Paper presented at the annual meeting of the American Comparative Literature Association, San Marcos, CA.


Marker, Jeff W.  (2000, January).  Orson Welles’ Macbeth: Allegory of Anticommunism.  Paper presented at the Florida State University Annual Conference on Literature and Film, Tallahassee, FL.


Regional conferences:

Marker, Jeff W.  (2002, October)  South Korean Cinema and Han.  Paper presented at the annual meeting of the Southern Comparative Literature Association, Tuscaloosa, AL.  Chaired panel titled, The Aesthetics of Nationalism in South Korean Cinema.


Local conferences and public discussions:

(2005, March) Panelist for a Discussion titled, Managing and Mentoring of Graduate Students by Faculty, The University of Georgia, Athens, GA.  Event sponsored by the Lilly Teaching Fellows. 


(2004, November) Panelist for a Roundtable Discussion titled, Kill Bill: Blood, Swords, and Pastiche, The University of Georgia, Athens, GA.  Event sponsored by the Center for Humanities and Arts.  Moderated by Dr. Richard Neupert. 


Marker, Jeff W.  (2003, April)  And the Year Did Not Come to an End: The Open Closure of …and the Earth Did Not Devour Him.  Paper presented at the Second Annual Latino/a Literature & Culture Student Symposium, The University of Georgia, Athens, GA.


c.   Recognition and Outstanding Achievements

2006                Teaching Excellence Program Award, Gainesville State College


2002                Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award, The University of Georgia


2002                Awarded membership in Chi Gamma Lambda, The National Honor Society for Comparative Literature. 


d.   Areas in Which Research is Done

My research brings me into contact with multiple national cinemas, most prominently American and Korean, but focuses mainly on issues of cinema spectatorship.  I use the framework of cognitive psychological theory to investigate how the viewer’s cultural experiences affect his or her engagement with the film text.  I also draw heavily on the principles and methods of reception studies.




a.   Service to the Profession


Professional association and activities:

Reviewer for the Journal of Research in Childhood Education, 2007

Society for Cinema and Media Studies

Member, 2001-present

Popular Culture Association

Member, 2008-present

Modern Language Association

Member, 2002-present

American Comparative Literature Association

Member, 2003-2006

Southern Comparative Literature Association

Member, 2002-2006


b.   Service to Gainesville State College



Faculty Sponsor of the Film Club, 2006-present

Presented an Introduction to Screenwriting lecture/discussion to the GSC Writer’s Group, January 28, 2008

Served on search committee for new Media Studies hire, Spring 2008

Served on search committee for new Journalism hire, Spring 2008

Served on search committee for new Chair of Humanities and Fine Arts Division, Spring 2008

GSC Achievement Award Committee, Spring 2007

Judge for the Annual GSC Speech Contest, Spring 2007


Division of the Humanities and Fine Arts:

Faculty Mentor Program, 2007-2008

Sophomore Literature Committee, 2006-present

Media Studies Committee, 2006-present



Volunteer for the Georgia Future Problem Solving State Bowl, Spring 2008

Judge for the Georgia Future Problem Solving State Bowl, Spring 2007




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