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Saddest Arcade in the World 

On the road today we stopped at a Pizza Hut for some quick dinner. It ended up being a terrible restaurant in what seemed to be a weird, depressing town. Haven’t gotten such blatant, rude “you ain’t from around here” looks in many years. The televisions were playing a crime doc show all about murder and sexual assault cases; meanwhile the only diners were two families with small children. And a young couple was sleeping in a corner booth. They both appeared to be battling meth withdrawal. 

While the kid and I were waiting, we noticed they had a game room. Cool! We checked it out, partly because I would rather he not be exposed to the American nightmare in the dining area any longer. 

It was like stepping into a time machine. The games were all made by Sega, Midway, or Atari! Most dated back to the late 90s or early 00s. But half didn’t work. It was more like a game graveyard than arcade. The pics are of poor quality, which is fitting. Behold the saddest arcade in the world. 

Didn’t work

Turkey Shoot

California Speed – sorry for the awful exposure

Mortal Kombat is flatlining

Crazy Taxi!!

They had two of these cycle racing games. Both had functional sound but no image

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