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Juno’s Stunning Video of Jupiter

NASA‘s Juno spacecraft launched from Cape Canaveral on August 5, 2011, and my family was there to see it! It was a memorable vacation. We explored the amazing Kennedy Space Center and fulfilled our collective dream of seeing a NASA launch. (I blogged about it back in 2012.) We thus have felt invested in the Juno mission for all the years it’s been in flight, even though not much has happened during most of the past five-ish years. But now things are getting exciting! Take a look at the beautiful video NASA cut together from the thousands of still images Juno has captured.

I think watching Jupiter’s largest moons in orbit is lovely. It’s also quite a technical accomplishment. Each still image is actually a composite of separate red, green, and blue images. Juno captured an image every 15 minutes over a 17-day period, for a total of 1,300 images. All that just to make this little animated sequence. NASA is making all 1,300 images available for anyone to download, too. Then in August we’re supposed to get more sophisticated images from Juno.

It’s silly, I know, but we feel like we’ve participated in this great adventure. Can’t wait to see what Juno sends next.

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