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Anna Ruby Falls Pics

My family and I recently hiked up Anna Ruby Falls near Helen, Georgia. It’s a little half-mile hike through a┬álandscape that captures some of what makes the northeast Georgia foothills and mountain region so beautiful. I managed to extend the time it took to make the hike because I was playing around with a camera I bought secondhand from a filmmaker friend, a Panasonic Lumix FZ1000. This was the first time I got to really play around with it in these conditions, so I’m afraid I slowed our pace considerably. Here are some of the better photos.

Anna Ruby 1

Always comforting to see a sign like this

Always comforting to see a sign like this

Anna Ruby 3

Anna Ruby 4

Anna Ruby 5

Have to give my son credit – this pic was his idea

Anna Ruby 7

Anna Ruby 6

Anna Ruby 8

I had in mind a print when I took this

Anna Ruby 9

Anna Ruby 10

Anna Ruby 11

A personal favorite

Anna Ruby 12



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