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Video Portfolio

I served as DP and co-director on the live action footage in this video for the band March’s song, “March.” Dodd Ferrelle directed the video and his wife Cameron Bliss Ferrelle (who is a really fine painter, by the way) did the animation.

After the video for “March” was finished, we had so much great footage of Peter Loose (aka Bongo Loose, aka Rockethead) that I cut the rest of it into a second video, for March’s song “Sharing Umbrellas.” Clay Brantley did a fine job of operating the second camera on this shoot.

I wrote, directed, and did the assembly edit on this video for Dodd Ferrelle, “Sucker Punch Town.” Jonathan Hickman served as DP and first camera operator, David Smith ran the second camera (and got loads of great b-roll), and Kevin Eagleson was a one-man lighting department. David also gave me a lot of help with color grading and other post-production fine tuning. Alicia Marker produced, doing a great deal of legwork to make shooting on Washington Street in Athens legal. We began filming around 2:30 and wrapped about dawn. It was a blast.

Dodd is also in a band with Cameron Bliss Ferrelle and Deenan Scott called the Happy Hands Band. They make super-catchy, positive songs for kids. (Dodd and Cameron also published a related, very well-received kids book called “If You Were A Jelly Bean.”) I directed and did the assembly edit on this video for the Happy Hands Band, David Smith DPed and fixed (almost literally) everything in post, and Casey Fronek served as assistant director. Alicia Marker also produced here and rounded up all these adorable kids.


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